The main object of NANOTECHNOLOGY-BUSINESS-INNOVATION Ltd. is development and market validation of a technology for industrial implementation of nanomodified electrolytic coatings of chromium and nickel oriented to industrial and business clients disposing with suitable products for the technology impact.


We provide a technology or a technological process for applying of nanomodified electrolytic coating of chromium and nickel that provides energy efficiency (lower power consumption), higher micro hardness, corrosion and wear resistance at dry friction of steel parts.

The proposal to our potential customers is to significantly improve the properties of the produced or used metal items by a nickel or chromium plating containing nanoparticles, made by a patented and innovative company technology.


Patented and unique mass conversion made out of laboratory


Thanks to the nanoparticles’ properties our customer gets the opportunity to dramatically improved the production's effectiveness at relatively low additional investment value.


In essence, the tehnology guarantees increased resistance, working capacity (labour resource) and complete properties of the processed items at different operating conditions and mechanical depreciation.